Tonight on Survivor: Island of the Idols, Lairo Tribe has a few plans in place if they should end up back at Tribal Council this week, but which one will be the best for their games? Also tonight, the tribes will rely heavily on team work during tonight’s Immunity Challenge. Keep reading to find out what we could expect tonight on Survivor season 39 right here!

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Tonight on Survivor: Island of the Idols, there is a new showmance in the works as Chelsea and Dean start getting closer and closer and one thing we know is true in Survivor, showmance become big targets. However, Lairo has been talking a lot about voting out Karishma if they head back to Tribal Council, but with a new showmance in the making, could that target change? Could Chelsea and Dean be in bigger danger of being voted off?

It will all come down to which tribe comes out on top during tonight’s Immunity Challenge which has the blind leading the blind, literally. The castaways will be blindfolded and leading each other through a series of obstacles. Which tribe will win Immunity and which tribe will be headed to Tribal Council this week on Survivor?

A member of Vokai will have to head to Island of the Idols tonight to get a lesson and take a test if they so choose. Which castaway will it be and will they take on the challenge? Get the answer to these questions and more by coming back tonight and watching Survivor: Island of the Idols along with me right here!

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