Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Big Brother 2011 comes tomorrow… It’s only a day away…..

See how happy they look? How long do you think that will last?

Who would have believed it? We’re only ONE day away from the premiere of the most intense  reality show on TV...

That’s right.. I said it. Now, I know there are raging American Idol fans out there, and psycho Survivor lovers.

However..Consider this..

I got really involved watching the Casey Anthony trial, and while you can in no way compare the horrific events that led to that trial to a reality show, there are some similarities in how we, as viewers, FEEL while watching real people go through real emotional turmoil.  Several former contestants could not adjust to normal life after Big Brother and ended up in Big Trouble, instead. Here’s a brand new blog-straight from prison– by former BB9 HG, Matt McDonald.

Big Brother originally started out as a social experiment. Put a group of people in a house. Take away any contact with family and friends, and make it so they turn on each other—for Power…for Greed… Of course, it’s grown. We have crazy competitions for HOH, food and POV. But at it’s core.. Big Brother is about watching what people will do.. What they’ll turn into.. when they are beat down socially and psychologically.

Well, they do that on Survivor,” you may say, “plus, they’re subjected to intense physical conditions.” Yep.. True.. And if they allowed us access to all those jungle cameras on Survivor, I might agree with you. But Big Brother and ONLY Big Brother–out of all the reality shows on TV–allow us unlimited access INSIDE the house. Inside the game. Inside the heads of the real-life people who are “playing”.

They have nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. The producers of this show have figured out what the public wants. We want to SEE it as it happens.. And only Big Brother 2011 gives that to us.

And this season is liable to be the most intense social and psychological game we’ve ever seen. With this year’s twist, you have a mix of newbies– and people who are MASTERS of this game. Will they crush or BE crushed? Will the Duos band together for safety? Will the newbies?

This season is rife with potential clashes from the moment it premieres.  We are ready to observe, analyze and break down every thing that happens! And we can’t wait to share it with YOU.

So, hang out, chill out, and get lots of sleep. Cause once this rising crest breaks tomorrow night…. It’s on… Baby.. It’s ON!!

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