As my two year-old niece would say.. “Oh.. Bo..Bo”  (it means oh boy.. I just think it’s super cute when she says it)

But seriously.. OH BO BO! The first Big Brother 2011 Commercial has hit the airwaves folks. And you know what that means? The official pre-season has begun!

There is nothing too exciting about it, yet. Mostly just some video from previous seasons. Still.. did you feel the sudden chill in the air? That OMG- thrill down your spine that Big Brother 2011 is almost here?

Yeah.. I thought you did.. 🙂

Speak up and let us hear your first reaction at seeing it?

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We’ll be your eyes and ears until the season starts and then we can all come together to rag, rant and rave!!

Big Brother 2011 is in the final stages of casting, now.  We’ll let you know when the final cast has been set.

For all you hopefuls out there..

Leave a comment below- to let us know what you felt when you viewed that commercial for the first time???
Thanks for my buds at Big Brother Network for tipping me off to the commercial.

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