Hi guys,

Before we get all the way to the end, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say… Thank you!

Some of you “Vets” have been with me for years. To all of you, and you “Newbies,”— I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to spend at least part of your Big Brother 2011 Season with me.

It’s been a blast, and honor and a privilege to hang out, strategize, and yes…even argue… with ya’ll.

This has not been my favorite season. Today I looked back over some of the posts from last year and I saw true passion in them. And I got to thinking that this year didn’t engender the kind of emotional uproar that I, at least, usually feel with this crazy show.

No other reality show on television gets on your nerves and under your skin like BB. We get to know these HG’s in a way we can’t with a Survivor, or an American Idol, cause we have the FEEDS. When you spend hours upon hours watching and listening to people, you can’t help it.. You get emotionally attached.

While I had my favorites this season, none of them lit a fire in my guts (either with love or hate) the same way they have in previous years.

I’m betting (and you all know how I like to bet my body parts) that next year will be a whole different story, and I wish with all my heart that you’ll come back in July 2012, and join me again.

In the meantime, have a beautiful, peaceful, healthy and happy year with your family and loved ones and know that a crazed BB reporter is thinking about you. ๐Ÿ™‚


Since I think a person can love trash TV AND literature.. I’d like to say that I am a writer, and have completed my first novel. I’m still working on revisions, so it’s not perfect yet. But my dream–like every other “aspiring” out there– is to one day be a published author..

If you love to read, and want to talk books, writing.. anything, I’d love to hear your thoughts and have you join me on my writer’s websiteย http://janetbtaylor.com/coming-home-from-tv-land/

I’ve posted the first two chapters of my book and I would be more than honored to hear your comments.



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