First, let me apologize, guys. I was so riveted by events in the Big Brother 14 House yesterday, I actually FORGOT to post about it. Unforgiveable on my part, as I take my duty as your inside host very seriously, and want to share as much of the happenings as possible with you, loyal readers.

If you can forgive Auntie Janet, I’ll tell you how it all went down…

As promised, Danielle wielded the banhammer that crashed down on an unsuspecting Janelle at yesterday’s Veto Meeting. When you talk about Blindsides in Big Brother, it isn’t often that they are true blindsides. Because the person usually sees them coming. Some notable exceptions have happened lately, however.

If Frank had been evicted last thursday, it would’ve been one. Frank wholeheartedly believed the people who said they were voting for him. But at least he knew it was some possibility. Yesterday’s Veto Meeting took Janelle 100% by surprise. Though, in hindsight, should it have?

Janelle is a favorite of both the BB community and BB Production. And yet, this season her game has taken on such a monumental change, it’s almost hard to believe. It’s almost as if the confident powerhouse player she once was has been taken over by a manipulative schemer. Throwing digs at people. Making up different fabrications to different people.

Now, it can be a legitimate strategy. And it has worked for people in the past. It ‘s just not what most of us expected out of her. And I think that’s the issue most of us have. It’s disappointment, really. And it’s finally caught up with her.

But don’t count out Big Blonde yet. There’s still two days left before eviction and she is crafty. Though I expected her to come out with guns blazing (which would’ve been AWESOME viewing) Janelle has decided to play the wounded victim. And it could work in her favor. And let’s not forget the fact that the DR will do their best to play their part in saving “one of their own.”

One more note about yesterday’s events. I swear, if they gave the Academy Award to reality TV players, Dan Gheesling would take home the prize, for his “I can’t believe she did this” scene. (FLASHBACK 12:24 BBT) He’d have stiff competition however, with Wil. FLASHBACK to 12:39pm BBT where he tells Jani “yes, of course I’m voting for you. 100%.” All the while dancing with glee earlier that morning upon learning the plan.

Though Ashley–in a quieter, more indie-mode has a nice shot at it. And Brit is definitely due for a “Best Supporting” nod.

Janelle thinks she easily has the votes, which is why she’s so bewildered as to why Danielle put her up. Little does she know….Little does she know…

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