Last night–thanks to our good friend alcohol–the Big Brother 14 HGs took a brief respite from game-talk to par-tay.

It started as an elegant sushi party outside for the coaches, Dani and Shane–thanks to Dan’s winning from the coach’s comp.

But this is a house full of mostly 20-somethings, and it quickly devolved into a night of good-natured debauchery, as the HG’s started a fun night of food-fights, streaking, body shots and spin-the-bottle–celebrating Wil’s 25th birthday. Happy Birthday Wil.

Enjoy it guys, cause today, the game begins in earnest, as Jani’s team starts their war with Boogie’s in an attempt to sway Shane and Brit from their decided course.

Janelle thinks she’s turned Shane away from his decision to team with Frank. She hasn’t– but later on last night, Frank told Boogie he hopes Jenn or Ian win HOH next week so he doesn’t “have to get the blood on his hands.”

Jump on the LIVE FEEDS today, as two masters of the game go head to head! It’s what we’ve waited for all season!!


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