It’s FRESH (fresh)…Exciting (exciting)   Big Brother 14 s so exciting to mee…. (Go ahead and sing it with me. You know you want to..)

UPDATE: Ok- appears as if they’ve begun the POV– at appx 12:10 BBT POV’s historically take a long time- so stay tuned. We’ll have the results as soon as they’re in!  (PS- the VERY last thing I heard before they cut- is Brit tell Willie that if he was going to throw the POV to Frank, not to make it too obvious. She is obviously not happy about it, but like I said…Willie’s going his own way)

And it IS fresh, folks. We gotta give thanks to those Big Brother genuises out in Cali- those titans of television who’ve been snoozing on the job for the last couple of seasons. This twist is…dare I say it?….the BEST one we’ve had in recent Big Brother memory.

Now first things first, before I tell you about that “sand-line” from the title.

Who’s with whom? The premiere was so dang-blasted phenomenal, you might’ve been too psyched up to pay close attention. Well… that’s what Auntie Bigbigbrother is here for.

As we suspected, the new season’s Mentors (or Coaches-to use the venacular Julie C used) picked their teams in an almost brutal schoolyard-type pick. If you’ve ever been one of those kids left digging your toe in the dirt while the cool kids got selected, then you know how Jenn, Joe, Jodi and Jojo felt.. (Hey! What’s uncool about having a J name anyway?)

In any case, here was the end result:

Good picks. She’s got two athletic boys- Willie and Shane–and (in Willie) someone who’s not afraid to do what needs doin’.  But Brit may have bitten off more than she can chew with the abrasive Jojo, and of course… “the Hantz.” Brit wants to run the show- and boot off Willie’s bff Frank. Willie’s biting the bit on that one, so we’ll have to see what happens with the POV today.


At first glance, this is a pretty good selection. You’ve got an Athlete in Frank, a Brain in Ian, and a Off-Beat in Jenn.  If you add in Boogie as a ‘Popular,’ you’ve got a nice mix. But Frank’s on the block and in trouble, and wee Ian seems to be having difficulty fitting in. Boogie’s pulling out all his tricks, but it’s gonna be a tough road.


Janelle went another way, selecting some of the quirkiest folks in the house. With Wil, you get physical strength though, and Joe’s feeding everyone–(though apparently, he’s used up WAY too much food already and the HG’s may starve the last few days.) Also- fruit-loop Ashley had hurt her back. She’s on pain-killers, which makes the already spacey spray-tanner even more ‘out-there.’  But you can never count Janelle out. She’s a scrapper and with her tight (for now) alliance with Brit and her team, she’s looking pretty good.


Oh Dan…This most gentlemanly winner of BB10 knows how to get it done, but he’s already down a player (Jodi, lost in the premiere) and his other two–Danielle and Kara— are not the most cut-throat of the bunch. With Kara on the block, he’s in serious trouble here. Let’s hope he can work a little magic, as we know he can, and keep his butt out of the frying pan.


Today’s the POV comp. Frank and Kara will be playing for their Big Brother 14 lives, while Willie, Wil, Shane and Danielle will likely not want to rock the boat this early on by changing Willie’s noms, thereby incurring the wrath of Britney.

STAY TUNED for the POV results! And I’m just gonna tell ya—You don’t want to blink this season.. It’s gonna be a doozy!! Have you signed up for the LIVE FEEDS yet?  Tsk, tsk if you haven’t.. Cause last night, Janelle had a little chat with her team and called it out for all the world to hear.

“There’s a line in the sand,” she said. “With Britney and me on one side, and Dan and Booger (her word, not mine, apparently Janelle HATES Boogie with the white-hot flame of a thousand suns) on the other.”

And guys….this is just week ONE, day ONE!! WOOT!!

Psst– For all those who remember Brit’s astonishingly-evil Mean-Girl mentality from her season, and wondered if it would be dampened this season without a Ragan or Monet to feed off of…Rest assured, she’s baaaackk, baby. Her and Janelle make QUITE the snarky-chick team. 









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