Love him or Hate him, Big Brother 14 Dan Gheesling is like no other player in Big Brother History.

Not only is he smart and cunning. Dan has a singular ability to turn off his emotions when he enters the BB House. To do what must be done to save himself. Last night on the show, we saw the only emotion we’re likely to see from Dan, when he told us the truth. That he only truly loves three things… His wife and family. Coaching. And Big Brother.

No matter what kind of danger he’s in– when he throws that Dan-Mist on you, you are mesmerized..and you do what you’re told.

We’d already told you how it went down. How Dan went from being a ‘Dead Man Walking’ with the strongest player in the house ‘dead-set’ to get him out, to cutting a final deal with said arch-enemy, convincing Frank to convince Jenn to use the POV on him, and once again proving he could be the best player the game’s ever seen. It was one of the most astonishing moves in the history of the game, and even if your disgusted with his tactics….You gotta give it to the guy. He. Is. Beyond. Good.

I had SO  hoped Brit would fight back. Would pull something out and do whatever it took to stay. Instead, she curled up and gave up–too worried about hurting her “BFF” Danielle. Brit is going to be shocked to see how emotionless Danielle is when it doesn’t have to do with Danielle.


So– what happens now, after Brit goes home? Well, we’re likely going to see another Endurance Comp–the BEST part of the LIVE FEEDS--as we’ll get to see the HG’s hanging on for their lives. With Frank out of the picture–we’ll see if Dan really plans to stick with his F2 deal. The funny thing is–I believe he will. Dan knows he can’t possibly win against anyone else. No one in the Jury is going to want to award a former winner the prize again. And depending on how the next couple of competitions play out, Dan’s going to have to do some more dirty-dealing to stay.

Frank will–naturally–have to play for his life again in the POV, unless by some miracle, Jenn or Dan wins tonight. STAY TUNED–and STAY ON THOSE FEEDS– to see how it all plays out! 

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