Oh boy. In a Big Brother 14 week we thought was a lock to get out one of the “floaters” Wil or Joe, storm clouds are whipping around in Frank’s head.

After a day of la-de-da and Kum-ba-yah, the HG’s finally settled down to some serious game-talk. And after a possible deal, offered by Wil and Ashley, Frank got to thinking….Hmmm, who was against me the last few weeks? One name in particular kept coming up… DAN.

He and Ian hashed it out up in HOH , after his talk with two members of team Ta-tas. Ian of course,  did everything he could to talk Frank off this particular ledge, seeing as how he’s secretly working with Dan/Brit/Shane and Danielle. (Remember the Quack Pack?) He told Frank…”Joe’s word is dirt.” Frank: “To me, Dan’s word is dirt.” And he has a point. But…oooooo…..DRAMA!

Ian gave Frank many reasons why he should go after floaters and keep working with Dan. And yet…

Frank knows who led the charge against him. He knows about Dan saying to Boogie “Twos company and threes a crowd.” He’s no dummy, he knows what that means.

But this morning he’s going to “hash it all out with Mike.” And you can expect Boogie to lend his support in NOT taking out Dan. Boogie knows his only shot to win is against Dan. No one’s going to give a prior winner the money against a newbie.


The tension today on the LIVE FEEDS will be palpable, especially since Ian went straight down the the BY and told Brit and Danielle exactly what Frank had said. They told Dani NOT to tell Dan. And she gave her solemn promise not to. Yeah, right. Nerves will be SKY HIGH until after the VETO MEETING, so hang on to your hats folks. Cause there are stormy waters ahead.

PS– As a little joke, Dan put on a banana suit that apparently Boogie’s brought with him- and told the HG’s he’s opened Pandora’s box. They figured it out after a bit- but it was hilarious seeing him in it, at least.


STAY TUNED for the results of the VETO MEETING… So we can see if it’ll be smooth sailing. Or hurricane conditions in the Big Brother 14 house.

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