I just wanted to share a few observations this morning, as we wait for the all-important Big Brother 14 Veto Picks and Comp today.

Last night’s nominations of Frank and Wil were no huge surprise, as it seems the house as an entity wants Frank out. But today is Veto. Which makes the 24-hours between Noms and Veto basically a wash.

Since the Reboot, Boogie and Frank have holed up, talking little and licking their wounds, after the realization that everyone they trusted lied to them. And while Boogie’s acted like a grumpy old man about everything…The coaches coming in…(In this he agrees with a lot of us out here.) And how Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane and Wil lied straight to his face about their votes… I mean, you gotta admit, the guy has some reason to be miffed that nearly everyone in the house lied to him and really wanted Frank out.

And the truth is… I never really understood why? Frank is a good guy. He’s personable. Charming. And played a straight-shooting HOH. If they’d just been honest and said “Sorry Frank and Boogie, but Frank’s too much of a threat and I’m sorry but he has to go.” the damage done–between Boogie and Dan in particular–wouldn’t be so major. Instead, Danielle keeps whining about how she “hates Frank and wants him out because he tickled her, has occasional BO, and called her sweet-cheeks.” Okaaayy.

It was Dan’s reasoning I had the hardest time understanding. Dan is known as a methodical and calculating–but honest and decent–player. Why Dan would allow his crew to go through with one of Jani and Brit’s nasty schemes, just to make good TV on Eviction night? Yet there are so many things in the Big Brother 14 house it’s difficult to understand. Like how Danielle–after knowing the kind of trash and lies Jani spread over the last three weeks. Like how often Dani stated (ad nauseum) how violently she hated Janelle. After the way Jani made Dani feel like a cat turd in a candy bowl–Danielle would spend three hours with her “arch-enemy” hair braiding and bonding, even inviting her new BFF to sleep in the HOH bed last night? *Sigh*  *Head shake*

Dan’s motivations were finally made clear–at least to me-during the conversation we’d all waited for FLASHBACK ON SUPERPASS-10:30pm BBT. Dan wanted himself–not Frank–to be Boogie’s Dr. Will. And he wanted Boogie to be his Memphis.  He TOLD Boogie this. (EIGHT separate times) He kept asking Boogie–if it was Dan or Frank on the block–who would Boogie save?

Dan wants the Coaches to team up (along with a few select Newbs–Danielle and Shane) against the bulk of the Newbies.   But Dan became afraid that Frank was usurping his rightful place at Boogie’s side. Honestly, I think it might’ve hurt Dan’s feelings a bit. Listen to this long convo closely. It’s VERY revealing of a master-player showing his true cards for the first time!


Boogie’s (I think) legitimate concern is that he HAD planned to work with Dan for the long haul. But the trust is broken so badly, it may be irreparable.

What do you think about Dan and crew’s actions leading up to Frank’s “eviction.”

Still–today’s another day….a HUGE day…in the house. We’ll be staying GLUED to our LIVE FEEDS– You do the same as we watch the ramifications of the Picks and Comp play out.

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