Hi guys,

It’s Auntie Janet popping in to say hello and to give an opposing view on the Big Brother 2013 season thus far.

First let me say what a flippin’ amazing job Todd has done this season!!! He’s been right on top of all the action and done a fantastic job keeping you all entertained and informed.

Thanks Todd!! You rock!

Now… I’ve decided that it’s probably a good thing that I bowed out of writing the site this season. Cause I have quite different views of some of the HG’s and their gameplay.

I’d particularly like to address the Amanda-hate. For example: the LIVE FEEDS on the night following GM’s HOH win.
Yes, Amanda and Jessie got into it. But… what hasn’t been mentioned was that first Amanda spent a long time trying to make Jessie feel better about not getting invited to the BBQ party. Jessie was acting like a spoiled 12 year old who didn’t invited to the cool kid’s birthday party. I’m telling you, this girl wept and wept, about how it’s “just not fair.”

jessie bawling about bbq

This went on and on and on–ad nauseum–as McCrae AND Amanda soothed and tried to make her understand Helen’s choices. Jessie wasn’t having any of it and got up and walked out, even after Andy joined them in trying to make her feel better.. Jessie was acting completely ridiculous. Afterward, Amanda–who we all know DOES have diarrhea of the  mouth–tried once again to get her to see reason. Then yes…things got loud between them. On BOTH their parts.

As for the Candice argument, that was already going on–and had gotten loud between C and Helen–when Amanda walked up and tried to defend Helen.

Amanda IS insecure. No doubt. And she is loud and has a VERY hard time keeping her mouth shut. If she’d learn to listen to McCrae, like he’s asked her to do, she’d be in a very good position in the house. But Amanda has no filter. Still, her inability to shut up…does that equate with evil?

helens fake tears

In my opinion, Helen is a much more sinister player.   Anyone who can turn on the water works the way she can to manipulate a conversation…Who tells someone how special they are to her, even while preparing their demise…Who can make that person believe they have a unique and special bond with her, only to have her turn around and cut their throats. That is scary.


With Amanda, hell.. At least you know where you stand. Not so with Helen.
And if anyone’s seen Howard’s interview, they know that Amanda wasn’t lying about what he said to her. Actually, I was shocked when he admitted it, because I’d decided maybe she heard him wrong. In an interview with Bigbrothernetwork, Howard admitted: “As a little fun joke I said, “hey, if we were outside this house you’re awesome, you’re sexy” and this is from me knowing her personally when we did share personal time and we were very open. I said “man, we could get in to some things.”
I don’t believe that’s how he worded it any more than I believe Amanda knows how to STFU.


But it DOES go to prove she’s not an out and out liar.

So.. as an opposing view….I have to say that I like Amanda. Despite her faults–of which there are many. She’s PLAYING the game. She also LOVES Big Brother, as does McCrae, Andy and Judd. All are huge fans of the show. They’ve watched forever and applied to be on the show. Candice (and Howard) on the other hand were recruited. I am ALWAYS (with the notable exceptions of Jeff and Jordan) on the side of the BB Fan vs. the “recruited”.

So let me have it. I know it’s coming, guys. I know a lot of you–including some of my long-time Bigbigbrother devotees–will vehemently disagree. But that’s okay. That’s what this site is for. Healthy, RESPECTFUL, debate about this Big Brother 2013 show we all love.

Later, dahlings!!


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