WOW! Talk about an edge-of-your-seat finish to our Big Brother 2011 season.

Last night was all that was good about this show. Human beings. *head shake* They always surprise you.

Whodathunk Shelly, of all people, would be the deciding vote?

I’d had a bad feeling in my gut all day that somehow Porshe would pull this off. I have never been happier to be wrong. (Thankfully, my inner fortune teller was on the fritz)

Rachel told it true last night. She fought from the day she walked in the door. She deserved that win!

Of course, the most entertaining part of the evening were the exchanges between Jeff and Dani and Dani and Dick. Dick called it –Daniele played too hard,too fast. For someone like her–who believed they were a superior player, getting a spanking from Daddy on national TV had to hurt. She tried to lash back, by telling Rachel–when she cast her vote for Porshe–“Rachel, you just oughta be glad this isn’t a personality contest.” Bitter grapes, anyone?

But even that probably didn’t sting as bad as when Julie announced who won America’s Favorite… hehehe..

All in all, the show ended on a much higher note than the last couple of weeks indicated. When the show was over, I felt like I do after a nice meal…..Satisfied.

How do you feel about the outcome of last night’s finale?

Julie has already announced that Big Brother was picked up for another year.. YAY! I can only hope they’ll go back to their roots and give us some HG’s worthy of the game.

I am so honored that you chose to spend your Big Brother 2011 Season with me. It isn’t easy to be a Big Brother Fan-atic and report all their doings. Sometimes my poor family had to go hungry, while I muttered “Liar. Beeotch” at my computer screen. But it’s all worth it, if I enhanced…in any way… your Big Brother experience.

I hope you’ll join us again next year. Big Brother will be back, and so will I. God Bless.

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