Well… Fricken Kiss My Grits. Now we have a game. This Big Brother 14 Season is gearing up to be one of the best ever. And I do not say that lightly. WE, my friends, have a counter-alliance forming.

I’ll admit. I was not totally on board with the whole coach thing, but I hoped they’d play it out. When they decided not to, I thought about how unfair the whole deal was to the players who’d shared their entire strategy, thoughts and innermost guts with the people that they now have to fight against.

Then, when the super-alliance of the Silent Six was formed last night I again felt sorry for the poor little underlings who will now be picked off one after the other. As nothing more than collateral damage.

But wait. Just like some of the recent Anti-hero movies, the cast-offs may have a little something to say about that.

Last night–while the big boys were solidifying their deal upstairs to backdoor Janelle and band together. Outside, Wil, Jenn and Ashley figured out what they were planning…(And are all for evicting Janelle, btw)…and created an alliance of their own. A Fight-Against-The -Coaches Alliance which they named (and I’m not joking) Team Tits.

You see why I’m re-energized about this game? It’s been quite a few seasons since we’ve seen a game with such potential. It’s all there.  The big guys vs the little. Drama. Intrigue. Danger.

I literally can not WAIT for the Veto Meeting Today. And it’s aftermath. This week you won’t be able to tear me from the LIVE FEEDS.

PS- The Danielle obsession meter is down in the green. Girl’s got Game. And if Shane don’t see that…

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