For a moment. For one, glorious, breath-taking instant in last night’s intense Big Brother 14 Double Eviction, we had a tiny glimpse of heaven.

A time when we could turn on the Big Brother Live Feeds and NOT have to endure Danielle’s lust-fueled whinging or watch her pick at her own–and other people’s– pus-encrusted eruptions. A day when we could’ve turned on BBAD or CBS and not have to watch through trembling fingers, waiting to cringe at the sound of her flat, nasally voice.  And a era when we don’t have to turn on the computer and see THIS every moment of the day.


A Danielle-FREE zone… *Sigh* Well, an author can dream, right? Put up by her mentor. Taken out by her one true love. It would (as Dani claimed her goodbye message to Frank was-though apparently CBS found it to be a bit, well…lacking since it was the only one that didn’t make the cut) have been EPIC.

Alas, it was not to be. And after our beloved BB14 Carrot-top got the boot, we had the displeasure of watching Joe get to steppin.

And so we soldier on through these last two weeks. In case you weren’t yet aware….IAN won the second HOH last night, giving the “Quack Pack” a distinct edge. Dan’s already gone to work on the little fella, renewing their “Renegade 2.0” pact. Today we can expect to see Jenn (who is now basically by herself) and Shane on the block.

When the LIVE FEEDS returned the first time, we saw Danielle pouting. (I know, such a shocker, right) that Dan had played with her safety like that. Looking at it objectively though–wasn’t that a pretty big waste of Dan’s short-lived HOH? I mean, JOE?? Dan had a shot to evict someone who was a real threat to his winning the whole enchilada. Dani or Shane will both likely beat him in a jury full of ticked-off, betrayed players. Wouldn’t it be smarter to take a Joe–or even a Jenn-to finals?

Today’s nominations are a bit of nothing, until Saturday’s VETO comp. I’ll be pulling for Jenn, the underdog. And the only person left in the house with a shred of loyalty. (talking about you-Shane)

Thoughts? Comments about last night? Did your heart break a bit inside when you realized that Danielle was–once again–to remain in the house?

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