Hello from your Auntie Janet,

I’m here, head hanging low and sorrow in my heart at the way these BB16 HG’s are playing this game.


Since there is now no more reason to “Fear the Beard” our only hopes lie with a tiny blonde toting a very big target.

derrick soothes nicole

Spoilers Ahead…

Last night I thought…I THOUGHT…that somehow between Caleb, Cody and Derrick, they MIGHT actually grow a pair. I mean, come on, guys. Can’t you scrape up at least TWO dangling appendages between the three of you?

caleb and frankie love

Alas, it was not to be. Even with Derrick—who, unbeknownst to the rest has made every major decision for this sorry band–pushing for Frankie to go up and out, the Feeb (dang, there I go again) BOMB Squad once AGAIN took the easy way out.

I believe they will live to regret this decision.

Frankie, who for some reason has basically set up camp in the HOH room, to the point where they’re scared to tell him he can’t sleep up there for one night, will slip through the noose yet again.

At least we have DE coming up soon, and one thing is certain…Blood WILL flow. Sure, the BS boys still have the clueless Victoria as an “Expendable,” though I doubt very seriously Derrick will allow that to happen. I fully believe Derrick plans to drag her along to F2, regardless of what he is telling Cody. Derrick—as we very well know—is not stupid. He’s not going to take a chance that the jury will vote for the popular jock over of the laid-back quiet dad. Nope. {{We’re getting down to the lesser of evils, here.}}

So, unless Christine wins out on the second part of the Double Eviction, during Thursday night’s episode, I think we can expect to see her get the boot. (I–for one–will be smiling when that happens…)

That is UNLESS Derrick wins HOH. If that happens, I think he’ll finally make a move, and go for a bigger feather in his cap than the mousy, back-stabber. I predict the undercover cop will want to get the arrogant and insufferable Frankie out during his term in HOH office. And OHHHH  won’t we ALL be smiling on THAT day??



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