The VETO Ceremony is TODAY, and after the big blowup last night, it seems pretty sure who’ll be put up.

I do want to apologize to you guys–I got my dates mixed up yesterday regarding the Big Brother 2011 Veto Ceremony. (I’m keeping up with this while on vacation)

The tension between Rachel and Cassi finally broke last night. Both of them had their own version of the events, but what truly happened is Cassi tried to talk to Rachel calmly–but she it quickly turned into a nice little cat fight. It ended with Cassi telling Rachel that she was rooting for her last season. That she was a fan. But now she “gets it” and that Rachel is catty and “Ugly on the inside.”

Afterward, Rachel went up to HOH and re-hashed the conversation–skewing it to her side, as Cassi did later with Jordan.

I love Jordan… She is so honest, and she’s not afraid to tell someone the truth.  She told Rachel that her mouth is getting all of them in trouble–and that she does come across as catty sometimes. Rachel cried–are you surprised??

Dani came into the room, after Jordan schooled Rachel. When she saw Rach’s face–she said “What’s wrong with you now.”

All this started around 8:37 BBT on Flashback.  If you have the LIVE FEEDS, check it out.  If you don’t….Come on.. You HAVE to see it.  It’s unbelievable.. Get the FREE TRIAL and use the flashback feature.  It’s wild stuff.

Today’s Big Brother 2011 VETO Ceremony will likely cement Cassi and Shelly’s nomination, when Dom uses the POV.

Cassi knows that Shelly made a deal with the vets to a degree.. She was in the room when the deal was offered.  Shelly agreed very fast, but Cassi had some doubts. What Cassi doesn’t know–what no oneon the Newbie knows–is how deeply involved with the Vets Shelly is.. Her name has still not been brought up in the Keith/Porshe vote.  wow..

Funniest moment of the night— Jordan said to Jeff “Come hang out with me, I’m tired. I’ve been playing Dr. Phil all night.” LOL

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