Just a quick post today, as there isn’t much to report from the Big Brother 14 House.

UPDATE:  SORRY! I just HAD to share this one snippet of conversation from yesterday.  Danielle kept asking Dan and Ian what kind of man they can see her marrying– what kind of personality she has–what other players they’d compare her to…. ON and ON and ONNNNN..

At one point, Dan told her that (get this) He’d compare Danielle to a cross between Jordan and Dani Donato!!!!  I thought— Yeah…. Maybe in the ghettos of Bizzaro World..  Sheesh…


With only the sorry remnants of the “Quack Pack” to entertain us, we turn our thoughts to the end game. We’ve already discussed who we think will win the whole thing–but not who should be awarded the last prize of the season…The All-Important…America’s Vote.

In years past, (up until Season 11) it was called the Jury Prize (remember those days?) And only those in Jury were eligible to win. That affects this season in a big way, as ex-all star and ex-America’s Fave, Janelle has a rabid fan base, who is likely–as we speak–jamming the phone lines with texts.

But come on people, think about it. Janelle went out fourth. Should she be rewarded for how she played in PAST seasons or this one?? And no matter if you like her or not, you HAVE to admit, her game play this season left a lot…a LOT… to be desired. For many of the same reasons people voted for Janelle in the past–winning comps when her butt was on the line–there’s another player that is MUCH worthier in THIS season…Britney also, is an ex AC winner. And though I was definitely NOT a fan on her original season, her game this year was a lot sharper. Plus, she’s funny as hell. But again…Gameplay??? Ehh…

BUT (and I think you know where I’m going with this) there is someone else who I am going to vote for. He was targeting from Week One. He had to win competitions over and over to save his own hide. In 9 weeks of play, he was either HOH or on the block. He never once….NOT ONCE…got to play as an ordinary citizen. When other HG’s were put on the block ONCE, they crumbled, acting weepy or salty as the case may be. Not him. Not Frank. He fought. Like the Big Brother warrior he was. All he wanted in the game was someone to work with. To trust.

Frank was saddled with Boogie from the get-go. It wasn’t a choice he made freely. And yet he did the best he could, playing with a person that everyone in the house disliked. That wouldv’e been a hard road to hoe for anyone. And finally, Frank came to the BB House with the all-consuming love and joy in the game that few other players this season can claim. Dan loves the game. But has he sullied it’s reputation forever? Ian also is a life-long devotee with a very good chance at the whole enchilada.

Of all the HG’s who made it into the house, only those three are true-blue, dyed in the wool BB fans. Like you. Like me. And since either Dan or Ian have a good shot at winning…..My vote goes to the other REAL Big Brother Fan left….Frank.

You do what you like, of course. Vote with your conscience. But if you are a real fan of this show, you’ll take all the facts into consideration and vote for who you think TRIED hardest. Who WANTED it the most. And who went through the most adversity.

Me? I know who I’m voting for: CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Now, I will say this–in the event that the F2 ends up being Dan and Dani (gag on a mouse-turd) Ian is also a likely contender.

The only news to report in the house, is one more stunt Dan is pulling–this time on Danielle. Last night (FLASHBACK 9:32pm BBT) Dan acted super-depressed in front of Danielle, telling her he knows he can’t win–and can’t possibly beat her–because of the “sh!tty” way he’s played. The duped Dani spent twenty minutes trying to pep him up, going on about how no one played a better game than him.

After she left, Dan looked up at the cameras with a poop-eating grin on his face and mouthed “I love this game.” His purpose, of course, is to have a reason NOT to take Danielle, if the dilemma presents itself. He can always refer her back to that convo, saying “Remember how I told you, I couldn’t beat you.”

*shakes head* Oh Dan, Dan, Dan….

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