Hey Big Brother 14 SUPERFANS! Have you entered our awe-tastic Big Brother 14 FEEDS Contest yet?? Better hurry–it ends this Friday!! 

If you love BB, then check it out!! It’s just another reason to get the feeds–

The other reasons?? Hmmm- the big showdown coming between the coaches?  The rifts between the players? It’s all crumbling around them, folks.. And it’s only… WEEK ONE!!! woot!


For all of you who sign up for your LIVE FEEDS on Bigbigbrother.com  can enter for a chance to win an ‘I Love Big Brother coffee mug!!’

PLUS!!  ONE lucky GRAND PRIZE winner will also receive an Amazon gift Card, worth $30 bucks!! (Psst– if you’re counting, THAT would take care of your entire BB LIVE FEED season!!)


To win… All you have to do is:

A) Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS with us– www.bigbigbrother.com (if you already have- no problem, just continue to steps B and C)

B) Post on either your Facebook or Twitter–saying u signed up for your live feeds at BigBigbrother.com. You can even mention how we’re your fave Big Brother Fan Site, if you love us as much as we love u!! 

C) Copy and paste that link back HERE–LINK TO CONTEST COMMENTS.  (make sure to LINK TO CONTEST COMMENTS SECTION – to put your entry in the correct, sweepstakes post.

D)  July 20th, we will have a random drawing for THREE lucky winners!!

YAY!! Good luck!!

To copy the specific FB or Twitter message, once you post,  just click on the “time published” and it will take you to the specific message. Then cut and paste that link into the Comment section on this page.  For Twitter- please include the #BB14 Hashtag!

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