Hey gang,

Though the Big Brother 14 Feeds are still down- we have the leaked info from the folks who attended the taped Eviction Show that will air tomorrow night.

We already knew the outcome–But I’ll confirm it here, just the same. In a vote of 2-0, Jenn was evicted from the Big Brother House.

The HOH comp was played, with it coming down to a tie-breaker between Dan and Danielle. (For the sake of clarity, I guess I won’t call her the C-Word…Creature… like I swore I would.) FOR NOW…

Danielle won HOH–Which means she has a first-class ticket to F3. For the rest, the only thing that matters is winning the all-powerful upcoming POV comp.

The person who wins that POV will cast the one and only vote– and will be the deciding factor on who joins them–and Danielle–in the Final Three. So it doesn’t even matter who she puts up, though I’d expect it to be Dan and Ian.

That is all until tomorrow night’s show. Sleep well my dahlings!

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