OK–Before  I show you the following (leaked–shhh) Big Brother 14 Media Day photo–I want to tell you… DON’T GET NERVOUS.

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All right… Now, this photo could mean anything… I personally think it indicates the folks who are participating in the Media Day coverage–which is coming up soon. VERY soon, so stay tuned to Bigbigbrother… I do not believe it portends the names of the new BB14 Houseguests. The likely explanation is that a couple of the visible names are Media Day guest stars on this, the  first step to meeting the actual HG’s. As you know, they normally keep the identity of the true HG’s under very tight wraps!

Sale of  Big Brother 14 LIVE FEEDS are hotter than ever this year.. (Have you signed up for yours yet?) I believe with all my heart we’ll have all new houseguests this year.

So.. Having mentally prepared you– here is the very FIRST(hush-hush) photo from the Big Brother Media Day event.

BB14 Media Day-Thanks Big Bro Access

Notice some of the names? Matte B? Joel? Uh.. Brendan and Rachel?

Now, I can hear your agonized screams from here.. But again…DO NOT PANIC!! Big Brother knows it’s business, and we’re likely seeing the beginning of the publicity blitz that starts with the Big Brother 14 Media Day participants!!

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Thanks to our friends at Big Bro Access for the photo!

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