UPDATED July 5th with more pics of Big Brother 14 house, including the flippin’ AWESOME HOH room… Check it out!



It’s finally here! The Big Brother 14 Preseason is now in full swing! If you’re like me, one of those true-blood superfans who need your BB14 fix as soon as it’s available, then SIGN UP HERE for your FREE TRIAL of the FEEDS to see the House Tour, with Superpass’ own Carrie “Spicy” Milburn and tell us what you think of the new theme.. “Tokyo pop!”

PS–There are even Godzillas everywhere! It’s a wild scene, man..

The colors just pop, don’t they? And the mysterious board…Only fourteen spaces, despite the Mentor rumors AND the rumors that there will actually be EIGHTEEN new HG’s and FOUR new CRAZY rules!

And the HOH room???? All I can say is O…M…G…. Check it out on the HOUSE TOUR and MEDIA DAY footage! It’s an oasis!

For Brenchel news… Keep reading…

If you check out the Media Day coverage on SUPERPASS- you’ll see that everyone’s fave duo *cough* participated in that pre-season event.. So… I believe my previous post was correct—-we will NOT see them in the BB14 season.. ONLY in the Media Day! WOOT! Watching the Media Day folks play the game all the way through eviction–and just GUESS who got put on the block, btw–got all my BB14 cells buzzing with want. If you’re still thinking hmmm.. Should I sign up for the LIVE FEEDS— let me give you one little incentive.. Rachel and Brendon, crawling through the mud..Oh yeah, that’s right…

It’s nearly that time, folks….It’s nearly that time!!


It’s getting SOOO close… The Cast Reveal is right around the corner! Have you signed up for your FEEDS yet? So you can see the final Cast interviews?

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