Wowzers! IT’s really happening, guys! We have our first Big Brother 14 LIVE FEED LEAK!!

We know who the MENTOR’s are–possible Have-Nots and we can even deduce who MIGHT be on what team!! WOOHOO! God love the intern that let this slip!

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WARNING! If you don’t want to know any SPOILERS before the premiere tomorrow night at 9/8 Central— stop reading here!!

First confirmation– Janelle=Vet #1– Is this room with the mind-melding wall and floors the Have-Not room? And who’s that with her?? Frank? Jojo? Does Hantz make three? Is this her team?? IDK- But that sure is looking like a Hantz in that HOH bed.


Second Confirmation: DAN= Vet #2– Looks like’s he’s chatting up Kara, while we see Shane, Jojo (perhaps) and Jenn in the middle–good–bedroom.


Third Confirmation- Britney=Vet #3-Here we see the fiesty blonde lounging in the HOH room with Joe and Frank. So0– did her team win? Could be– we’ll soon enough!


Fourth Confirmation- Boogie=Vet #4-Slouch hat and all!  So- we see all the HG’s hanging in different places. Will likely not know the dynamics of how the alliances have formed until after the FEEDS go LIVE tomorrow night at midnight- Eastern.

Ahhh- MAN! It feels good to be right!! LOL- Oh, I’m just joshing with ya… You guys know I’m not really like that. You know I don’t think of myself as your all-powerful, all-knowing Big Brother GODDESS or anything.. Sheesh.. *uncomfortable laugh*

If seeing these leaks don’t have you jonesing for the Big Brother 14 LIVE FEEDS– I don’t know what will.. I’m jumping out of my skin to get my hands on that quad cam!!

Take a look at the other pictures below.  What do you think?? Can you make anything else out?  These are copies of copies of downloads and are difficult to see very well. Beginning in the wee hours of Friday morning- I’ll be posting crystal-clear pics of some of the most important happenings- and get us up to date on the real scoop..  So STAY TUNED!


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Frank and Wil having a secret convo?? (This Have-Not room may give me seizures..)


Soo–And this might be the teddy bear talking–but little Ian looks miserable.  In an earlier pic, we saw what looked like Boogie comforting/counseling him. And what’s up with the group meeting in the HOH room–once again presided over by Hantz, if you’ll notice?  Are we looking at our first ‘who are we going to evict’ meeting?

I’d forgotten how much utterly freaking awesome the Feeds are.. Dude– they rock. That is all.

Come on— you know you want em.. They’re calling for you— Buy me…. Buy me…. Mommy—Daddy–it’s JUST once a year and ALL the cool kids have them…

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