Be afraid. Be VERY afraid of this Big Brother 14 Face.

Cause Danielle informed Dan last night, if he “screws her over” she’s going to blow. Oooooooo…. Did you feel the cold shiver of someone walking across your grave??

Oh she’s scary all right. EXTREMELY scary. But just not in the way she thinks. And it’s Shane who should be afraid…at least in four more days…RUN Forrest RUN!!

Last night, after an evening of play-time,

Dan and Danielle settled down to a very uncomfortable chess game, where Danielle grilled Dan over and over as to why he did the things he did. Why he “backstabbed” her. Dan finally explained (between chuckles that infuriated the increasingly dumbfounded Danielle) that when she talked him out of getting rid of Shane during the DE, it was the worst decision Dan had made in the game. Dan: “Look at you, you’re still walking around in Shane’s sweatpants. You wouldn’t have ever evicted him. When I had another shot at Shane, I had to take it. Now I control the game.” Dani: “Well, I’m wearing his sweatpants (which fit her pretty well…just saying) cause 1–I’m cold and 2…*crickets*” Dan, smirking… “See?”

After that, Dani finally seemed to calm down, and yet she grumbled on about how she has nightmares that she will go out third. (Nightmare for you….Beautiful dream for the rest of us.) IAN/DAN F2!!

Dan told Danielle that even if Ian wins the second part of the Final HOH (which should play out tonight and will most likely–I know I’ve said this three times now, but COME ON, they HAVE to play it–be the Face Morph comp) he will be able to get Ian to throw Part 3. Well, I don’t think Ian would do that–at least I hope he won’t– UNLESS Dan can convince Ian that he/Dan needs to be the one to cut Dani. Which he won’t. But since Dan is pretty certain both the remaining HG’s want to take him, I’m pretty sure Dan doesn’t care who wins the Final HOH in the end.

In the course of ten minutes, Danielle told Dan:

  1. I gave up surgery on what they think is Breast Cancer to come here. {oh! It’s cancer now and not scar tissue…omg–don’t make me come in there and smack that bun off your head-you psycho-liar}
  2. Well, I will probably win Face Morph anyway, since I do have a photographic memory. {ugh…just ugh..}
I know most of us hope…oh, how we hope…Dani’s “camera-brain” takes fuzzier pictures than Ian’s and it’s wee Ian sitting next to Dan in the Final Comp. Cause if Dan wins the final comp, he’ll take Danielle–no question. Cause he thinks he can Mist the Jury–and he can truthfully say that he brought her to the Finals.
Whereas Ian will take Dan–for the opposite reason. Ian thinks the Jury hates Dan and would never vote for him.
Once Part Two is done, we’ll talk about specific Jury scenarios. In the meantime… If you want to see it all play out, you can SIGN UP FOR THE FREE THREE-DAY TRIAL OF THE LIVE FEEDS.. *cough, cough* there is 3-4 more days of game left… Again, just sayin…Oh and PLUS!! You get to see all the Backyard Interviews and the Backyard Party!!!

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