Great news for all us Big Brother 14 Fans!

The Premiere Date for our favorite Backstabbing, Conniving, Strategizing show is set!

Big Brother 14 Premieres {{drumroll, please}}

JULY 12th 9/8c!! WOOT!

Soon, we’ll get to witness the depths that ordinary people will stoop to win a half-million dollars. Are you rubbing your hands together in glee??
About 10pm PT- 1am ET the (wait for it….) LIVE FEEDS will come online and THEN we’ll get the REAL scoop! AS you know, the first episode is taped several days before the Premiere– and it’s not until we view those glorious FEEDS that we get to see the REAL scoop of what’s happening inside the BB house!

Ooo! Did you just get a chill?


That’s right, folks! The Big Brother 14 Premiere date is set. The cast is being selected. And the house is getting stocked with tons of slop!
How low will people go this BB14 Season? Will we get another strategic genius like Dan? Another Diabolical Female like the loathsome Natalie? Will new heroes emerge–a la Jeff and Jordan–that make our hearts melt?

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