What do the scents of new-mown grass, the sound of children flinging themselves down neighborhood slip-n-slide, and the feel of the scorching sun have in common? If you guessed the approach of the summer solstice… well, you’re only half-right. It also means Big Brother 14 is on the way, baby! And it’s almost time to gather up in front of the TV for the July12th (8pm ET) premiere!

Big Brother 14 Premiere

That’s right! The countdown has begun with the announcement of the selection of the Big Brother 14 semi-finalists.

A few days ago–BB14 casting guru, Robyn Kass proclaimed on Twitter–

So…all you lucky semi-finalists…GOOD LUCK! And for any who didn’t get the golden ticket this year… Don’t give up! The cast has NOT been finalized yet.

As we speak- the Big Brother 14 crew is getting ready to began construction on all the fabulous competitions, sprucing up the BB14 House and making up tons of slop!

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It’s-a-comin’, folks…. The best, most awesome summer pleasure you can have with your clothes on!

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