Drumroll………… for the Big Brother 14 Week 2 VETO RESULTS!!

SHANE WON POV!!!!! (That’s two in a row, in case anyone’s counting)

This is GREAT news for him and Britney and VERY bad news for Danielle and Dan.

Stay tuned for a more detailed post tomorrow!


Stay close to the FEEDS over the next few days as Boogie and Janelle “coach” Frank on a replacement nom. Dan will have to do his brain-magic to save his last remaining player, and Jojo will have to check her temper.

The really interesting thing is that Danielle is totally crushing on Shane, and Jojo’s been jealous of the attention he pays to her… Hmmm…Catfight, anyone??

So…If you don’t have yours… CLICK HERE FOR YOUR THREE-DAY FREE TRIAL.┬áCause…as Danielle just said: “It’s gonna get STICKY!”





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