The results for the Big Brother 14 Coach’s Competition are in!! And your winner is:

JANELLE– and she chose to save Wil.. So, that takes out Shane’s number one target for this week. Now- who?

It’s looking like Joe and Frank as a decoy–as of the moment.. STAY TUNED!!

Even with Wil protected, Shane has free reign to spark off that Jani/Boogie war we’ve all been waiting for!!

I’m more excited about the LIVE FEEDS than I have been all season! With the new “Coach” Twist coming up–it’s going to get CRAZY in that house.. Both the coaches and the players are going to go into full-manic mode once they realize the people they confided everything to- is now their opponent. If you’ve been hanging back–waiting to see if paying out a bit of $$ is going to be worth it this season, I think we can safely say the answer to that question is a resounding HELLS YEAH! So- HURRY and GET YOU SOME right here with us!! 


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