Last night’s Big Brother 14 episode at least played it real, and shined a true light on the (yeah, right) Dani/Shane “no-mance.”

Everyone–including the HG’s– love the Zingbot, and usually takes his robot-sharp jabs with good humor. Uh….all of them but our favorite looney-tune, Danielle. Since ‘restrain-gate’ Danielle has been yapping an awful lot about her “boyfriend” back home. Mmmm..yah-okay? Where did he come from?

The outcome of tonight’s eviction seems certain, though Wil’s tried to fight a decent battle. He’s pulled Jenn and Ashley’s votes, but it won’t happen. The ‘Big Boys’ in the game know they can basically make a puppet of Joe, some unholy BB miracle, he were to win an HOH.


The usual conversations rumbled around the house last night, with the topic (as usual) tending towards graphic sex.While Brit is always hilarious during these ‘porn sessions,’  Dani seems intent on one-upping everyone. If she’s trying to impress “someone” with her experience and prowess….I don’t think it’s working. He often looks more horrified than anything.


As to the others–who get less camera-time. There was a very funny segment, where the girls (Ash, Dani, Brit) decided to Nair Ian’s armpits. But Brit used the wrong kind and gave the poor fella chemical burns.

For all you out there who are dispirited at the ho-hum week we’ve had.. Just remember…..We ALWAYS have weeks like this in the BB house. This week was basically a bye-week for most of the house. But baby- there’s still TEN players at the beginning of WEEK SIX!!! THINK OF IT!!!  It simply means the weeks to come are gonna be slap-bang exciting. HAS to be. There are double-evictions and flash-forwards coming up. So hang in. Hang on. And STAY CLOSE TO YOUR FEEDS.

DON’T HAVE FEEDS yet? Were you thinking, well, it looks boring anyway? HA! Don’t be fooled. After this week, the FEEDS are gonna fire up. There are already whispers of it, even last night, as the various members of the big six begin scheming to get some hard players up and out… Brit/Shane want Frank/ Boogie out. Frank/Boogie want them out. And Dan??? Well, Dan’s low-key game seems to be working out just fine. And his and Boogie’s plan on sitting next to each other at the end?? Well… let’s just see…

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