The HG’s just finished the Big Brother 14 Week 5 Have Not Comp, and we’ve voted the HG’s the Candy Canes and Cod.

The HN’s for the week are yellow team of Joe, Brit, Shane and Danielle.

Britney was pissed when the FEEDS came back cause apparently Joe was screaming at her. Not normal Joe-screaming. But angry-screaming. Brit weighs 94 pounds soaking wet, and the comp included pushing a fifty-pound weight up a ramp, in a LEMON costume!   Can’t WAIT to see it! Danielle’s also not thrilled, since she tried to get on Team Green and someone grabbed the handkerchief out of her hand. AND she hates fish. From HOH to Have Not in a day. *grin*

Just before the LIVE FEEDS went to Trivia for the Have NOT, we heard a conversation between “Froogie” and Wil. A VERY stupid conversation on Wil’s part. If I could write a manual for future contestants, the first chapter would be titled…PROMISE THE HOH ANYTHNG HE ASKS.

Earlier, when members of the Silent Six were ruminating on who to place on the block next to the obvious choice, Joe…Frank fought to keep Wil off the block. His reasoning was that Wil had helped him get votes the week before and he felt like he owed him. His hope was that someone from the 6 would gallantly offer to go to Pawnville. Take one for the team, so to speak. (Shane being the most likely–and least likely to get offended– candidate.)

THEN- Wil opened his big mouth. He came up to HOH with a bit of ‘tude. Said he wasn’t going to offer anything to them for the next week. Not even a week of safety. Uh…DUR…

Wil needs to go back and read chapter one.. You ALWAYS offer the HOH a deal. Will you honor it? Perhaps not. But NEVER cop an I’m-not-really-worried-about-it-demeanor. That’ll get your ass up and out faster than you can blink.  As it did today. Joe…Wil…Block…


We’ll update when the Noms come back so stay tuned! I don’t expect any big surprises, but in that house you NEVER know!

The Game’s on, folks.. On like Donkey Kong. And if you want to get in on the BEST PART of the whole BB experience…SIGN UP HERE FOR YOUR FREE THREE-DAY TRIAL! 



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