UPDATE: The VETO Picks are done. Wil, Joe, Frank- with Jenn, Ashley and Boogie. And of course, Shane has the Veto Ticket. The backyard went on lockdown rather late, indicating either a slightly non-physical comp (which would help the injured Ashley a lot) OR a night comp.



Just  a quick one, my Dahlings to confirm the Big Brother 14 Week 5 Noms.


We’ll wait to go into a big discussion about Frank’s choices, until after VETO COMP today. So stay tuned for that one- late this afternoon, when the Veto could render them moot, anyhow.

STAY on those FEEDS.. Wil will uncover the Silent Six’s secret?? Will Joe’s head actually explode? If any of this occurs–we  FEED VIEWERS will be there to witness!

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