Oooooo… SNAP! ZINGBOT has made an appearance in the Big Brother 14 House.. And you know good old Zingy. He didn’t hold back. Like…NOT AT ALL!

We got to see everyone’s favorite bitch-slapping robot for only a few seconds before it went to Trivia to begin the POV comp.


When the LIVE FEEDS came back–we saw the POV necklace hanging on the Pagoda in the HOH room, and soon learned that Frank won.  Many of the HG’s were wearing medical scrubs that said “Zingbot Labs” and learned the comp was a puzzle. It was a comp that the injured Ashley could play…but apparently not win.

Later, Froogie discussed what Frank would do with the POV. The dedicated twosome have decided (for now) to stick with their “Silent Six” alliance and vote out–most likely–Wil. Yes, Joe is more of an irritant, but Wil’s smarter–and much more popular. And that’s always dangerous.

Downstairs Brit, Dani and Shane worried, but to no purpose as it looks like Boogie and Frank are still playing a straight game.

Everyone knows the Zingbot doesn’t hold back. He/She tells it like it is- and last night was no exception. Some of the more notable ZINGS went like this…

  • Ian–For a chemical engineering student, you don’t have much chemistry with the Ladies….ZING!
  • What do you call Fabio, minus the good looks, muscles and sex appeal???? Wil…..ZING!
  • The only thing bright about Ashley is her smile….ZING

And the one sure to cause the most havoc in the house…(And the funniest) was…

  • Danielle–Shane’s got a special gift for you after the show….A Restraining Order……..EXTRA ZING!!

YIKES! You can imagine how Dani’s taking it. Especially since she’s mentioned time and again how she just knows we viewers see them as another Jeff and Jordan.  Shyahhhh right….She asked Shane “what are you saying in the DR to make Zingbot say what he did?” Shane: “I can’t talk about my DR sessions.”  Silence. Glare.


The LIVE FEEDS will be hilarious today, as the HG’s revisit Zingbot’s time in the house. Watch for it–every time they do—you’ll see Danielle flinch.

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