Well, that was all much ado about nothing in the Big Brother 14 House, though the long-term effects just may not be visible yet.

Frank got up this morning, still extremely concerned (as well he should be) about Dan.

But Boogie was able to pull him back before the meeting, like a jockey reigning in a runaway yearling. He insisted that Frank talk to Dan–to keep the communication between the Silent Six open. Frank confessed to Dan he’d been having “naughty thoughts” but Dan was able to assuage his fears. Now Brit and Dani are stressing- trying to decide if they ought to “tell Dan?” Cool out ladies, Dan already knows… Though it was a bonehead move on Frank’s part to tell Ian.  IAN, Frank? Really???


When the LIVE FEEDS came back, we saw Team Tits looking super-duper mopey.

So– Joe or Wil? That’s the issue now on the table. And though Joe tends to give the whole house a collective pain in the booty–Wil’s ability to rally the newbies to his cause, will likely CAUSE him to slip right out the door.

What do you think? Should Frank have nominated Dan?  Did he make a huge mistake for his own game? Will Dan take a strike at him, now? Even though Dan’s lied to Frank numerous times?

STAY CLOSE to your LIVE FEEDS– and if you don’t have them, you still have plenty of game left, so SIGN UP HERE!

This week is sure to be LOTS of fun, watching the HG’s figure this one out for the next two days..


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