You know, the thing about this week’s Big Brother 14 nominations is the pure-D naivety of Froogie.

I mean, okay, Frank is a newbie. But he’s been burned hard before, and you’d think this time he’d at least’ve MAYBE seen this coming. He’s a fan of the show, and he’s seen how Brit and Dan play as well. But Boogie??

So-yeah. Shane put Froogie on the block. And they’re being oddly calm when Feeds return and they talk to Shane. Shane’s 100% telling them it was Brit’s idea. That Dan probably had something to do with it as well, but he’d planned to put up Joe and Ashley (and he DID plan that) until Brit went off into panic-mode.

Looks like Frank and Boogie are playing the “We Cool” card, until tomorrow’s POV. We’ll see how long that lasts.

JUMP ON THOSE FEEDS GUYS!! Tonight’s gonna be hot as the 10 shades of Hell in the house for the next few days. Though– as we’ve mentioned a million time. Tomorrow’s POV IS EVERYTHING. That’s tomorrow, and it should be some amazing viewing as we witness the demise of the once and no-future, Silent Six.


BTW- before Noms, the HG’s went on Outdoor lockdown. When it was over, they discovered several plastic balls leading to the claw machine in the ┬álounge. And INSIDE?? A ball with a question-mark on it! No one knows what the scoop (ha-get it?) is yet. But you know BB. They never do anything for nothing…

What do you think? Did Shane make the right move? Who do you think will win POV? What does the ball mean??



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