Oh, the dreaded Big Brother 14 fill the jug comp!

But this one came with a little twist..And a choice. HOH, Safety for this week, or 10 grand. By the time I wrote this- Brit had already won safety.  She was a Powerhouse.

Going for HOH were initially only Shane, Ian and Danielle. As of this post– Shane has a HUGE lead and unless he knocks his jug over, I don’t see how he can be beat.

Once Brit won safety, the other HG’s began going for HOH, primarily. But…it’s WAY too late, and you can expect to see Shane with the key around his neck shortly.

That leaves the $10,000. And guess who was the only HG to go for that? The HG who’s partner is in the worst danger, and has been for the whole season. Boogie. The millionaire. Hmmm…


JUMP ON THE LIVE FEEDS NOW! To see who wins. And who the new HOH puts up tomorrow!! I’ll post later with pics and final score!

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