UPDATE!!!  Frank took himself off and Shane put Jenn up.. This is all I know– bigger post coming soon!! 

Well we can say one thing. Yesterday was not a normal sun-filled Sunday in the Big Brother 14 House.

We had a day full of gaming. And isn’t that why we watch in the first place?

Today we’ll see Frank use his veto, and Shane (after drinking Dan’s kool-aid, a move which will eventually come back to bite him in the butt) put Jenn up in his place,thereby deflating all Froogie’s hopes, AND pissing off the Newbies in the process.  Newbs who– up to now–have just been glad to be left out of the ‘Big Dog’ fight..

But for now, Boogie will be voted out and we’ll move on to the next HOH. When Boogie refused to be disloyal and turn his back on Frank to team up with Dan, his time became limited in the house. Did teaming up with Boogie cause Frank to have a harder path? Absolutely. But maybe once he’s gone, Frank will be able to rally the Newbies.

Because you see…The real question is: What happens once Boogie’s gone? Frank’s already pulling members of the “castaways” to his side. AND if Froogie’s done nothing else in the game in the last few days, they’ve planted the seeds of how dangerous a player Dan is. Yes, they will protect him this week. But Brit and Shane have already discussed how they will have to make a move against Dan very soon. Well, at least Shane will….

Dan’s ploy to work with Boogie failed. So now, he knows that his only shot to win is against Britney. He can’t possibly beat any of the Newbies, in a Jury filled with them. (Unless he wins some comps, he can’t sit next to Danielle, because she HAS won, and the Newbs will want to reward one of their own.) And if a member of the “QP” (I can’t stand to write that stupid name) wins, you can expect Frank to follow Boogie—but as the first member of a Newb jury.

Dan knows this. He knows that to win, he must be up against another coach. And since Brit will be the only one left, you can expect him to figure out a way to get rid of Shane, and then Danielle, without getting his own hands dirty and exposing his game. He’s masterful. You have to give him that. Dani (for sure) will leave still loving him and not blaming him for her eviction. Just mark my words.

This will happen, folks, if the Newbies don’t start winning comps. And now’s the time they MUST step up. For a Newbie to have any chance of winning, they can’t play dead any more.

The really pitiful part in all this is Ian’s. He’s playing Dan’s secret agent now. But he’s a distant fifth in the “QP.” And it’s so sad that he doesn’t see that. Dan’s already mentioned how he’ll have to be the first to go. And JOE? Well, he THINKS he’s part of them (DDSB), too. But he’s an even more distant sixth, if the Newbs don’t smarten up and band together.


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