The Big Brother 14 Week 7 POV Meeting is over– and as everyone expected, Dan did his thang, and in a supposed pay-back from the week before, payed it forward pulling Jenn off the block. No news there. (Incidentally, all this was pre-approved by the Quack Pack the night before and didn’t surprise anyone.)

But what happens now? Well, now–unless Dan decides to put on a real show– we’ll likely see Frank sitting next to Julie on Thursday night in the first part of the season’s second DE. There’s speculation out there that Dan will manipulate the votes so that Ian has to break the tie, thus ensuring Dan Frank’s vote in the old… “Hey, I voted to keep you. I don’t know what happened,” ploy.

Yet if he does that, he’ll be going against the QP–and putting a larger target on himself. Up to now, Dan’s covered himself very, very well, cutting F3 deals with Shane/Dan/Dani , Jenn/Dan/Dani, and Ian/Dan/Dani.

You’ll notice Dan has included Danielle in each one of these scenarios. But let’s talk about that…

Everyone in the house (with the possible exception of the ‘restraining-order-filing’ Shane) just adores Danielle. Thinks she’s a sweetie with a heart of gold. Some of the HG’s have even compared her to… *gags, vomits, flushes toilet, rinses mouth with Scope.*  (ed. Oh, sorry bout that) … Jordan. (Lord, is that delusional girl in for a horrid shock when she gets out, especially since she believes her ‘showmance with Shane’ puts her in the running for America’s Fave…) But you see, Dan knows this. Knows how everyone feels about Danielle. No way…NO WAY does he chance taking her to F2 with him. He’ll have another plan up his sleeve to get rid of her before that time–mark it..

In the meantime, I cringe every time I see the too-trusting Frank in the same room with Dan. See, for Frank–his word is his word–but come ON, dude!! You’ve been betrayed so many times in this game, you’re BOUND to know not to trust ANYONE!! If I was Frank, I’d be pulling a Brit. I would break up every conversation. Insert myself into every confab. And corner Dan every time he moves with a stack of bibles and a 14 by 17 glossy of Julie Chen.

Speaking of…there’s been a lot of talk about swearing on bibles lately. Now, I think there’s only one ramifaction to the Dan/Bible controversy, and I don’t think it ends with Dan dodging pitchforks and eternal flames. All the HG’s know Dan took a bible up to the HOH room after  his “Funeral.” So they’ll probably believe Frank when he tells them–sadly, on his way out the door–not to trust Dan’s word, no matter what he swears on.

With Frank out of the house, all the conflict and excitement goes as well. Because then who’s left that could possibly stand up to King Dan? Danielle the dancing puppet? Shane the stooge? Ian?? Who’s declared his favorite HG of all time is SHELLY??? I don’t even count Jenn and Joe, who are so out of their element, it’s laughable.

Fortunately, after Thursday’s double eviction there’re only two weeks left. A mercy, that. Cause I predict a Big Brother Winner none of us will be happy with in the end. A Jenn. A Joe. A Danielle. The Jury will NEVER vote for Dan, unless he’s up against Frank.. For someone who is perhaps the cleverest person in the history of the game, Dan’s booting out his one and ONLY shot at the big win.

So get ready guys, cause though this has been one of the best seasons we’ve had in a LONG time, I’m afraid the (forgive me) climax will be like a dud-firecracker. A lot of sparkin and smokin, before going out with a phhht instead of a bang.

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