OK, so this morning I woke up thinking…”Yay! Maybe I’ll have a little break today.” Take a quick scan of the Big Brother 14 FLASHBACK..Ensure that nothing much happened in the house…and have a little “me” time.

After all.. I’ve got a big day planned. My nine-year-old niece has a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. The Arkansas Razorbacks (go HOGS!) are playing. Plus, I sense a nap somewhere in my near future. That’s right, try to stifle your jealousy of Auntie Janet’s jet-setting ways, she does have a life, you know….

But no. That Danielle won’t give me a break, and I think she does it on purpose just to torture me.

First–a bit of non-obsession-news. Pandora’s Box was opened yesterday. Now, I don’t know if we just don’t know about it yet– or if BB is being a bit stingy on the secret powers this season…Cause it looks as if all that happened was the HG’s got a video message from home, while Ian got punished by a video message from Rachel. No mention of powers, but I hope Ian’s SERIOUSLY thinking about what would be best for his game, and isn’t too saturated by the Dan-Mist.

But back to the real fun. Oh boy. Danielle was on full-bore-obsession. And what did it center around?? You guessed it….

FRUIT LOOPS. That’s right, that most innocuous of sugary treats that has played such a pivotal role this season. (Anyone remember Willie/Fruit-Loop-gate?)

Last night Shane ate two bowls of “Danielle’s” fruit-loops and dudes….this chick went into a tizz the likes of which I hope to never experience again. THEN–when SHE was munching on some Loops–Shane made a comment that he “likes a girl who can eat more than him.”

Well….I’ll let you imagine what that set into motion….

When it was bedtime, Shane plopped down not into the snuggly space next to Dani, but into Joe’s recently-vacated bed. The amount of wheedling and cajoling that followed–as Danielle worked to get him back into the “love nest,” rivaled any international summit ever presented in the history of man.

Dan spent most of his evening mooning over his picture of his wife, and studying the memory wall-trying to memorize facial features in prep for the (likely) upcoming “Face-Morph” POV. Though he tried to hide it from some of the remaining HG’s. He did work some with both Ian and Jenn. So that leaves the question of–who does he want out this week?

Though he claims he’s ready to cut Jenn–Dan HAS to be asking himself who he can beat at this point. Not Danielle. Not Shane. Not Ian. So, I’m betting he hopes Jenn can win–Ian will put Dani up in her place–and he can rid himself of Capt. America.

Hang tight, guys… If it IS Face Morph, it won’t be till later on tonight, and as we all know.. POV is everything in this game.

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