Here we are then, getting down to the wire–with the Big Brother 14 Week 9 POV Results.

45 mins after the LIVE FEEDS came back, we’re still waiting for definitive confirmation on who won–though it sounds like it was Shane. One thing we’re fairly certain of- is that is was NOT Jenn.

The other four seem pretty comfortable, so we can be pretty sure of that.

The question now remains– will Ian actually stick to his pack of duckies? Will he truly take the chance of allowing Dan to remain when he HAS to know Dan MUST and WILL cut him if he gets the chance? Dan KNOWS he cannot beat Ian. No way. No how.

So– Ian–you better wake up, boy. You better get into that lab and invent some kind of anti-mist spray or something, cause otherwise it does NOT end well for you.

If and when we get proof positive, I’ll let you know. But for now-that is all.

*evil snicker* Except for this….

UPDATE: Shane DID win the veto. Dan is talking to Danielle, wondering if they can get Shane to not use it.
Ian is in the hammock whispering “The Mist, The Mist”
Come in, Ian… THINK!

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