Whose legs are behind the beach towel?

Oh boy- do the Big Brother 14 Newbies have a big punch in the schnoz coming their way..

In several interviews throughout the pre-season process, when asked about their worst nightmare in the Big Brother 2012 house, nearly every one of the new HG’s said the same thing…
Check out the Video below:

That’s right..
The ONE fear they all had in common was returning Houseguests popping into to funk up their gameplan. And I cannot WAIT to see their bright, shining faces when they make that announcement on premiere night. Of course, the first thing any HG who calls himself a BB fan should do– is take a head-count. Once you see that there are only 12 of you…I mean, come on.. at that point you gotta know what’s coming. It shouldn’t take a brain like Ian’s to figure it out..

And speaking of being a Big Brother fan–I noticed something in the SUPERPASS HG Interviews, that was a welcome surprise. In the incoming crop of newbies, there seems to be a higher ratio of actual Big Brother fans to non-fans this year. In the past–after the first couple of seasons–the producers generally filled the house with Big Brother devotees–true fans–who’s goal was to brain their way through, guaranteeing us thrilling and intense seasons. It was a thing of glory– watching a house full of fan-based Houseguests that made the first eight season SOOOOOO much better than the last 5. If you haven’t noticed, in these most recent seasons, though the people may be getting prettier, they are also MUCH less knowledgeable about the game. In fact a large population of the last five seasons were “recruited” for their looks from pretty-people websites, and didn’t even watch the game prior to being picked.


HOWEVER—Glory be to the BB Production gods.. It looks like this year might be different..A large percentage of the newbies seem to be big-time fans! And if they’ll listen to their carefully-selected “mentors” WOOOOEEEEE!
Big Brother 14 could end up being the best season ever!

Now– another skewed ratio that’s come to my attention..

In weighing out current crop of beefcake vs hottie, the womb-less seem to be a bit on the light side of the BB-sexy scale.
Now, I’ve always been one of those fans who want my favorite players to use that organ between their ears, instead of the one…well, you know.. I for one will not lament the lack of brawny, manly, muscular..flexed…oiled-up….glistening……
What? Oh, sorry… did I veg out there for a minute?
All right, all right. So maybe I’ll miss the unfair split of hunk vs siren just a bit. But honestly..
As long as our new HG’s pick up and learn from those who know.. As long as at the end of the day, we end up with some:
Sharp schemers–a la Boogie.
Cunning Conspirators–talking bout you, Brit.
Machiavellian Manipulators–hi Dan.
Or Beautiful Beguilers–‘sup Janelle?

I can get over the lack of tons o’ pretty boys in the house.
Besides… wouldn’t it be cool to see a woman win this thing by playing it.. and you’ll have to excuse me, cause there’s no alternative phrase…balls to the wall?

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