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Floaters, grab your… wait, just get out. So says, Big Brother 15 host Julie Chen. Julie revealed on Wednesday that the 2013 summer twist would involve a way to eliminate floaters, or perhaps floating itself, from the game.

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Of course squashing floating is easier said than done and some suspect this twist could fall flat, but with so little information it’s hard to be sure just yet.

One possibility for Big Brother 15 that’s starting to sound more reasonable is the idea that HGs will enter the game already in teams of some size. Smaller teams could lead to a quick return of floating if say the pair was cut in half by an elimination, so what if it’s just two large factions competing against one another? That could fit Julie’s hint, but it’s all just speculation until premiere night!

What do you think Julie Chen’s hint could mean for the Big Brother 15 season?

Source: Big Brother Network

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