For those of you have some spare time in your schedule and wanting to read and read and read some more, CBS has posted the Head of Household blog for Devin for Week 2 on Big Brother 2014. Not to give any Big Brother 2014 spoilers, but he has a daughter (shocker, never heard that before), he loves his daughter, it was recently her birthday, he would be spending time with her right now if not in the Big Brother 16 house and he is doing this for his daughter!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Devin's HoH Blog

Maybe if this was anyone else I would think it would be nice and cute to see, but everything Devin does annoys me! I don’t think he is sincere and genuine when he talks about his daughter and I think it is an act he is putting on for sympathy and compassion from the other HGs.

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To be honest, it is all a big blab fest and I was over it. Like Devin normally loves to talk and talk and talk on Big Brother 16, he does the same for this blog (including a couple videos to his daughter and/or about his daughter). Click here to read Devin’s HoH blog! And check out some of the photos from HoH camera time:

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