I am so glad to see that Wil Heuser will be bringing back his Big Brother Saga videos for Big Brother 2015. I swear, he nails every HG so well and they leave me cracking up every week. He has released Episode 1 for Big Brother 17 and I was literally dying! Check out the video below in my Big Brother 17 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Wil Heuser Big Brother Saga - Episode 1

As a heads up, Wil did release a promo video for this new season of BB17 Saga and it was very good. You can check that one out right here:

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And now he has released the Episode 1 video, which had me in tears. I think I snorted out loud when he made the comment “a garden just shit all over my dress” for Julie Chen’s dress on Night 2 of the Big Brother 2015 premiere! He does some great impressions of the Big Brother 17 HGs, including a pretty good Meg and Liz (I freaking died again with him on the beach as her and that damn voice)!

For an amazing laugh, check it out here:

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