Every year, Big Brother contestants appear on The Bold and The Beautiful. Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas, Jeff Schroeder, Zach Rance, and Jordan Lloyd are a few of the Big Brother alumni who have made a couple of appearances on The Bold and The Beautiful. So who will appear on The Bold and The Beautiful from Big Brother 18?

BB18-Victor and Paul

Also every year, Big Brother contestants speculate who will get asked to do the series from their cast. The show usually invites the most popular characters of the season. The ones invited from Big Brother 17 were Meg Maley, Jason Roy, James Huling, and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire.

For Big Brother 18, The Bold and The Beautiful invited the Sitting Ducks, Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo, to appear on the show. They also invited Da’Vonne Rogers. CBS and The Bold and The Beautiful have not released any details yet on their appearance.

Big Brother alumni usually appear on the Halloween special. However, Paul, Da’Vonne, and Victor were seen filming their scenes over the weekend, which was revealed on their Snapchats. This should imply that their appearances will air in the next couple of weeks, or early October, ahead of the usual Halloween special.

We may see some other Big Brother 2016 alumni receive invites to appear on The Bold and The Beautiful, especially for the annual Halloween episode, because last year the soap opera had Jason appear before having the other three houseguests on the show.

We expected to see Victor and Paul on The Bold and The Beautiful, due to their extreme popularity and personality. However, Da’Vonne’s appearance is a welcomed surprise.

Are you happy to see Da’Vonne and The Sitting Ducks on The Bold and The Beautiful? Who else from Big Brother 18 do you want to see on the show?

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