Tonight, Nicole Franzel, James Huling, and Paul Abrahamian  compete for the Big Brother 2016 winner title. Only one more competition needed to play out to determine who would win the  $500,000.

BB18-Nicole and Paul

This Big Brother 18 episode opened with CBS revealing the results of the first part of the final Head of Household competition.  Feed watchers already knew that Paul won that part.

This left Nicole and James to face off in the second part. Nicole won the second part of the competition. It was a memory competition using snaps shots of past Big Brother 18 players.

This set viewers up for a Nicole versus Paul part three showdown.

Part three of the final Head-to-Head was the usual scales of justice competition. Paul and Nicole had to answer A or B questions about statements made by the jurors while in the jury house.

The person to score the best out of eisnt rounds won the final part of the Head of Household competition.

Round 1: Both Nicole and Paul receive one point

Round 2: Both Nicole and Paul didn’t receive a point

Round 3: Both Nicole and Paul didn’t receive a point

Round 4: Paul received a point

Round 5: Both Nicole and Paul didn’t receive a point

Round 6: Paul received a point

Round 7: Nicole received a point

Round 8: Nicole and Paul received a point.

Paul won by a 4 -3vote.

Paul Abrahamian wins final HOH

At the end of round nine,  Paul Abrahamian became the final Big Brother 18 Head of Household!

Now he picks who to sit next to him.

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