On Sunday’s Big Brother 2016 episode, we saw Head of Household Victor Arroyo declare that James Huling was his target. He wanted James out because he voted Victor out a couple weeks ago. He also saw James as more of a threat to his Big Brother 18 game.

The big Brother 18 Final Four

The plan to get James out seemed set when Corey Brooks won this week’s Power of Veto. However, immediately following the Veto competition, Nicole Franzel and Corey started discussing the possibility of switching the target from James to Natalie.

Paul Abrahamian supported their decision to target Natalie. Corey, Paul, and Nicole argued that Natalie was more of a threat than James. Natalie has shown more competition capabilities. She almost won this week’s Power of Veto competition.

Natalie has also come close to winning several other Big Brother 2016 competitions. James’ Big Brother competition prowess seems limited to wall competitions, whereas Natalie seems more well-rounded in competitions. Natalie also seems like she would mentally handle playing alone better than James.

Victor really wanted to get rid of James this week for revenge, and he knows that Natalie doesn’t plan to target him. Natalie does plan to target all three of his alliance members though. Victor doesn’t have a vote this week, so he doesn’t really have much control in the matter.

BB18-Victor Arroyo

However, Corey, Nicole, and Paul want to keep their alliance with Victor as tight as possible. Therefore, they continued to work to get him to see the benefits of keeping James over Natalie.

Eventually, they got their way. Victor got on board with evicting Natalie this week. They also decided to not tell James or Natalie their plans. They want them to think that James will leave this week, only to be blindsided when Natalie leaves instead.

Natalie has enough perception to realize that she will probably leave this week. She’s already mentioned it to James, Corey, and Nicole.

Natalie leaving over James benefits Nicole and Corey. However, it puts Paul and Victor at a disadvantage. James will want to work with Corey and Nicole, which means he will target Victor and Paul if he wins Head of Household. Keeping Natalie benefits Victor, but it doesn’t really help Paul’s game.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter what Paul and Victor  ultimately decide, because Nicole and Corey have the majority vote. They want to keep James, and should stick with that plan.

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