In order to make his path to the Big Brother 2016  finals a little easier, Head of Household Victor Arroyo needs to evict James Huling and Natalie Negrotti. Victor believes that he has made a solid Big Brother 18 alliance with Paul Abrahamian, Corey Brooks, and Nicole Franzel, which makes James and Natalie his biggest obstacle at the moment.

Big Brother 18-Veto Week 11

This,could be, strong foursome just needs to stay loyal long enough to survive two more evictions. Therefore, it is critical to their alliance’s survival that they evict James this week, followed by Natalie.

If James or Natalie win this week’s Power of Veto competition, and they strengthen their campaigning, it could tempt Paul and Victor to flip alliances and vote out Corey or Nicole. However, we can only see this temptation occurring if the Veto is used. If neither James or Natalie win the Veto, their hopes of surviving this week seem very slim.

Did Natalie or James win the Veto? And will it cause a break in the new “Final Four” alliance on Big Brother 2016?

After over 5 hours of no feeds, they returned to reveal that Corey Brooks had won this week’s Veto.

Corey wins veto week 11

He’s likely not to use it, because that would mean Nicole goes up in his place. The houseguests have already started talking about taking out Natalie this week instead of James, due to her stronger competition performances.

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