Last night in the Big Brother 2016 house, Corey Brooks became Head of Household. He then discussed his nomination plans. He quickly decided on a target, but couldn’t decide what outcome gave Nicole Franzel and him the best odds to make it to the Big Brother 18 final.

Big Brother 2016-Victor Arroyo and Corey Brooks

Nicole thought nominating James Huling, and Victor Arroyo or Paul Abrahamian presented the best odds. They could hide their real target plans by saying their goal was to still get James out. This could also eliminate any chances of James, if he won the Veto, betraying them. If James won Veto, it would force a Paul versus Victor head-to-head.

Corey saw things differently, because he completely trusts James. He didn’t want to chance James getting evicted on his Head of Household reign. Putting Victor and Paul up would almost ensure that one of them left this week. It would also protect Nicole from going up on the block.

If Victor or Paul won Veto, James would go up on the block. This also meant that Nicole and Corey would have the majority of the votes. For example, if Corey nominated Paul and Victor, and then Victor wins the Veto, Paul stays on the block. James goes up next to him.

Victor votes out James, Nicole votes out Paul, and Corey gets the deciding vote. He would vote out Paul. This made the final four battle more of a 3-1 fight.

After discussing these scenarios, Corey decided to nominate Victor and Paul. He stuck with this plan. Victor and Paul are nominated for eviction. Even if one of them wins the Power of Veto, it doesn’t seem like, in any scenario, that they both can survive this week.

They would need a Big Brother 18 miracle, in the form of James betraying Corey and Nicole.

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