Earlier today, we posted a rumor about Paul Abrahamian winning the Head of Household. If true, Paul becomes the first person to join the Big Brother 18 final 3. This leaves Corey Brooks, Nicole Franzel, and James Huling to fight it out for the other two spots in the Big Brother 2016 finals.

Big Brother 18 Final 4 HOH

Earlier tonight, Victor Arroyo left the house in a 2-0 eviction. Following his eviction, Paul, Nicole, and James had to compete for the power this week.

So was the rumor true about Paul becoming this week’s Head of Household?

The rumor was true. Paul Abrahamian is the new Head of Household, and in the final three. Paul’s nominees don’t really matter this week because all the power lies with whoever holds Veto.

It’s the difference between Nicole and Corey both making it to the finals, and James taking one of their spots. When the feeds return, we will confirm this week’s nominations and veto results. We expect Corey and Nicole to be on the block.

Paul Abrahamian BB18

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