Tomorrow night, Big Brother 18 viewers witness the final Power of Veto competition of the season. This is the most critical Veto competition of the year. The Big Brother 2016 player who holds this week’s Veto, holds all the power.


The player who wins Veto not only guarantees their spot in the final 3, but they get to choose who joins them. Paul Abrahamian won this week’s Head of Household competition. He then nominated the remaining duo: Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel.

If he also wins this week’s Veto, he gets to ensure that only one of the NiCorey duo makes it to the final 3. If any member of NiCorey wins the Veto, they get to keep their pair together, and then vote out James Huling.

If James wins Veto, he has no option but to not play it. He, however, keeps himself safe, and gets to choose who joins Paul and him in the finale.

When the feeds returned around 9:00PM BBT, the Power of Veto competition had already been played. Paul won the Power of Veto! This means that Paul has all the power this week, and one of the NiCorey alliance will walk out the Big Brother 18 door tomorrow. He or she becomes the eight member of jury.

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