Looks like we might be down another Big Brother 2017 HG by the end of today. We are still waiting on word from production on whether or not Christmas will be rejoining the house. The Big Brother 19 HGs have been talking about the possible outcome and Cody is preping for another renom. Keep reading to find out the latest details on Christmas’ condition! Big Brother 19 Live Feeds: Christmas Abbott Injures Foot

It has been four hours since we last saw Christmas on the Big Brother 19 live feeds and the HGs are getting a little restless. Here is what we know about what’s been going on in the Big Brother 2017 house since Christmas was taken off cams. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the up to date information!

Big Brother Live Feeds

At around 8:47 am BBT the Big Brother 2017 feeds showed Christmas and Jason out in the yard. Christmas is laying on the ground telling him to go tell production that she broke her foot. The HGs are speculating on what they think will happen if Christmas doesn’t come back.

Mark tells the HGs that when he dislocated his finger they did everything in their power not to let him leave the house. They are saying that because she left the house she will not be allowed back, but they are hoping that she will be allowed back into the house. Then there is the worry that she won’t be able to compete even if she is allowed back into the house.

Jillian is worried that if she is allowed back into the house that she will get a sympathy vote and Jillian will be sent home. Meanwhile, Cody is feeling the pressure and him and Jessica are having some issues because of it. There is also speculation that Cody may be acting weird because he heard something about Christmas, but they haven’t announced anything officially.

Just to recap, we don’t know how she injured her foot, if it’s broken or not although she thought it was and we still haven’t heard from production on whether she will be returning. I will update this post when we get that information so make sure you check back!

At 2:20pm BBT Christmas returned to the house and tells Jessica that she tore some ligaments and has to go back on Wednesday for an MRI to see if there is a small fracture. She is in the game but she has to keep her foot elevated and iced. No word on how long recovery time is just yet. She got hurt while her and Jason were horsing around in the yard.

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